The 13th Miyazaki Two Day March International/Japan Citizen Sports Federation Certified Tournament Kyushu/Okinawa Marching League Official Tournament
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1. Miyazaki Two Day March

Dates February 26th (Sat) and February 27th (Sun), 2011


(1) Ayahinayama
 Festival Date: February 25 (Friday) (certified as one of the 500 beautiful Japanese paths that make you want to walk)

3.Registration Fee/Application

■Miyazaki Two Day March Adults/\2,000 High school students and younger/\1,000
*Elementary school students and younger are free *Participation for 2 days and 1 day are the same price. (Registration on the day/adults 2,200 yen, high school students and younger 1,200 yen)
Ayahinayama Festival Sekkaku Walk  Adults/2,000 yen (lunch included)
Ebino Kogen/Sannomiyakyo Sekkaku Walk Limited to 90 people Adults/4,000 yen (bus fare, lunch included) Depart JR Miyazaki Station at 8:00 (Arrive at Miyazaki Airport at 16:30)
500 beautiful roads in Japan that make you want to walk 10 walks in Miyazaki Prefecture Limited to 30 people (minimum number of participants: 15) 
Adults/65,000 yen (bus fare, hotel fare, Tournament participation fee, lunch included)

4. How to apply

Please fill in the necessary items (participation fee, lunch fee, special walk) on the postal transfer form for participation application and transfer it at the post office.
(Participants who are elementary school students or younger should also apply using the postal transfer form for participating in the event.)

5. Accommodation

If you are staying, please apply directly to the hotel recommended in the accommodation information .


If you would like to make a reservation, please apply together with the participation fee. We will prepare it for 500 yen per meal.

7. Advance application deadline

Please apply between October 1, 2010 and February 18, 2011 (Friday). After you apply for participation, we will send you a “Participation Receipt”. Registrations will be accepted until the day of the event, but those who have registered for participation by January 28, 2011 (Friday) will have their names published in the event magazine.
(If you do not wish your name to be published, please let us know.)

8. Eligibility

A person who can follow the rules of the competition and walk manners regardless of nationality, age, gender, etc. However, elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian, and persons with disabilities must be accompanied by a caregiver.

9. Time limit

Please be checked at checkpoints in the middle of the course. Goal opening time is until 4:30 pm.

10. Disclaimer

Participants should undergo a medical examination in advance and participate in the event under proper health management. Please note that in the unlikely event that an accident occurs, the organizer will not be responsible for anything other than the accident insurance covered by the organizer and emergency measures.

11. Implementation of the competition

However, in the
event of an unforeseen disaster such as a natural disaster, stormy weather that makes it difficult to walk, or an epidemic of a new type of influenza, the decision to hold or cancel the event will be made in accordance with the decision of the local government. In that case, we will send race materials such as the race magazine, race number, and map to pre-registered racers, but we cannot refund the entry fee or certify the walking record.

12. Commendation

A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who complete the walk.

13. Baggage

We will keep it at the starting point.

14. Carrying items

Participation receipt, lunch, water bottle, my cup, rain gear, hat, health insurance card (copy), etc. Paper cups will not be provided to conserve resources.

15. Identification

If you are eligible for the All Japan Walking Cup record (47 prefectures complete walkers), please contact the JWA Tokyo Headquarters
If you are eligible for the Kyushu-Okinawa Marching League (KOML) award achieved at this tournament, please contact the JWA Kyushu Headquarters

16. Determination criteria

■Japan Sports Federation (JVA) 5km or more Every day
, after finishing the accredited goal, you will be given a accreditation form printed with a accreditation mark to be affixed to your lVV passport at the place where the completion certificate is presented at the venue. (free). Passports will be sold for 200 yen to those who do not have one.
■Kyushu-Okinawa Marching League (KOML) 10 km or more You
will receive a certification seal at the 1-day complete walker certification corner. (free). New registration fee is passport fee 100 yen.
■All Japan Walking Cup (AJWC) 5km or more After finishing the 2nd day at the 2nd consecutive walker
certification corner, stamp the "Miyazaki Prefecture" column. (200 yen). New registration fee is passport fee 500 yen.